When we first met Rajeswary she was working a labourers job which involved strenuous work, long shifts and not set hours. Rajeswary is a widow, with two older children. Her daughter sells garments for a living, but unfortunately her son has spiraled into alcoholism, and doesn’t show support for her success. 

We initially provided Rajeswary with 50 chickens in which she cared for, and sold the chicken eggs for AUD $0.10 cents each. In a month she was able to expand and grow her business and sell 240 eggs which generated an income of almost $30 AUD! This is a significant amount of money, and with it Rajeswary has gone onto farming practices; selling coconuts and bananas to those in her community giving her greater profits! Compared with many of the other families, Rajeswary is doing exceptionally well financially, due to her hard work, persistence and most importantly belief in herself that she can do it! 

By providing her with the resources to start her own business, Rajeswary has benefited greatly, and is taking it to the next step to become an entrepreneur. It fills us up to see individuals that we are helping step into their confidence and really take a hold of their business. 

We would love to discover more women like Rajeswary, and help them get onto their feet to start living to their full potential.Her success shows others what is possible, so she can be a mentor and counsellor to other families in similar situations!