Our Work



Empowering people to work for themselves, to break out of the cycle of poverty.

About the program


The destruction of the Sri Lankan Civil War left behind tens of thousands of war widows, forcing them to become the primary income earners for their families. Taking on roles of both a mother and a father, most of the women have found managing time difficult. Particularly being present as a nurturer for their children, whilst also working to bring home money.

Our aim through this project is to help these women save time whilst also earning additional income through establishing their own businesses from home. Not only will this allow more time for the mothers to look after their children, but it will also create self-sustaining opportunities that could benefit them financially.

How we have been helping

Although direct money is important, we believe in empowerment through the use of available resources, so that the people we help actually earn their money rather than it be given to them.

Such resources include chickens and cows. Families are free to do what they wish with the chickens, but our intention is for them to breed them, and sell their eggs for cash. Similarly, with the cows, families milk the cows and sell it to neighbours or nearby communities.

What your donation means

$200 =

$1000 =

$200 =

$60 profit a month per family

$1000 =

$150 profit a month per family