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Millions live without basic needs that can help them live fulfilling lives, but you can help make a difference.

About the program


Just like with any war, the Sri Lankan Civil war left those affected in extremely poor conditions. Running water, toilets and safe housing are all basic human needs required for a functioning society, but are unavailable to these people in the north.

Our aim through the Essentials Drive is to provide the most basic needs to enable families to live a higher quality of life. Through this, it will ensure that they can be healthier, happier, and overall more comfortable.

Just imagine, having to live under a fake name and identity for over fifty years, purely because of your race. This is what Sumana (on the left) did when she moved up to live in the north with her husband. She survived the war, but unfortunately, two of her three sons did not, and her husband passed away due to medical issues some time prior.

When we found her, she was living alone in this shack (on the left) she called a home. Without a bed, a toilet or sufficient supplies of water, it was no way for an elderly lady to live.

We believed that she was unfit to start her own business, so rather than provide her with resources, we gave her some essentials to live out her life in peace.

We built a new house for her on the same property (shown below), that is structurally sound, larger and safer, as well as a new mattress. In addition, we have provided her with a water tank so she can have an abundant source of water as well as a functioning bathroom so she has everything she needs on site.

Sumana’s  Story

Like Sumana, there are thousands of families who do not have the essentials they need to live a thriving life. We understand that it is difficult to help everybody, but all it takes is one person at a time, to make a difference. If you would like to contribute to our Essentials Drive, please donate. All the money that is funded will go towards the purchase of items that can help change lives

What your donation will provide